Personal Post: The Benefits of Weekly Scheduling with my Husband

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Newlyweds vs. now, almost 7 years in: our life has undoubtedly gotten busier. There are more moving pieces (kids) and our schedules are less "standard" compared to what they used to be. During the honeymoon period, we were a bit more spontaneous/lackadaisical in how we spent our time together, and never did much duo scheduling. Now, with crazier schedules and more responsibilities, we have found that it is powerfully beneficial to us to sit down weekly and schedule life together. It helps us both in knowing what to expect for the week, and provides us with things to look forward to together. Here are the top 3 reasons I find this weekly meeting to be so helpful:

1. It's a good way for us to practice open, two-way communication.

When we skip a meeting, we find that we struggle through the week, getting frustrated with each other because schedules weren't communicated and something has to be bumped unexpectedly. We both feel like we've communicated well with each other when we know what is going on in each other's schedules and what we are each responsible for with our kids and our home.

2. It keeps us accountable in our responsibilities.

We schedule items like monthly budget sessions, major family chores, and kid responsibilities. It helps us delegate and stay aware and accountable to the responsibilities we have. And, we know who is taking the kids to their next doctor appointment!

3. It gives us events to look forward to!

From the little things like me looking forward to my husband getting home early on a Thursday night, to the bigger date nights we plan on our calendars, it's nice to know what fun things are on our schedules for the week. Everyday life is hard, and while I try not to rush through the moments with my kids too much, there are some afternoons where I know I can make it because he will be home soon. Or that the week is a tough one, but we have a night out on Friday!

Overall, scheduling together has shown us how valuable our time together is, because during this stage in our lives, we don't actually have much of it! I know scheduling life like this is not for everyone, but I do think doing it at some level that fits into your relationship will be fruitful. I hope this encourages you to give it a try!

A list of what we schedule together:

  1. General weekly work/school/kids schedule
  2. Exercise and alone time - when can we each sneak off to rejuvenate, have quiet time, and provide self care
  3. Weekly time together (like mini-dates)
  4. Monthly date nights
  5. Monthly budget meetings
  6. Family time - Mass, hikes, movie nights, family dinners with friends 

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