Logan: A Bridal Portrait

I created this series of posts called Bridal Portraits as a way to showcase strong, beautiful women who are also wives. It is such a pleasure to talk to these amazing women, hear about their lives, and in particular to hear about their weddings and marriages. Please scroll to the end to see all vendor credits!

I keep giving my interviewed brides words. Not to label them, but to share with you the way that I see them, in their beauty, intelligence, and strong femininity. When I reflect on Logan, the word that comes to mind is loyal. She is the friend who has your back, not matter what. Logan has been my friend for almost twenty years, and I am truly blessed to have her in my life (in my corner). It was such a privilege to interview her about her wedding day and marriage to her husband Andrew. I hope you enjoy peeking back at their wedding from almost 6 years ago!

The Wedding Planning

Logan’s wedding to her high school prom date, college sweetheart, and longtime best friend, Andrew, was infused with personal touches. Logan did most of the the planning herself, and she says she is proud of how organized she was through it all. She also states that looking back on their wedding, there were choices she would have made differently. However, in her wisdom, she also acknowledged that there was “a lot of our personality in our wedding, and I’m happy about that.”

To DIY, or Not to DIY?

When reflecting on the choices she and Andrew did make, Logan says the best thing she chose not to DIY was her flowers. She shared a story about a friend who accidentally froze some of her wedding flowers, and Logan didn’t want anything like that to happen. She says mainly her decision to DIY or not DIY a detail depended on whether she would have had to deal with it on her wedding day. She did not want to be responsible for anything on the day of her wedding. Logan did DIY most of her decorations ahead of time, and states that if she had hired a day-of coordinator, she would have felt more comfortable DIYing something like flowers because the coordinator could have been in charge of them for her.

Logan also notes that she was really happy with all of the personalized touches that she had her hands on. She especially loved addressing her own invitations and making program fans for guests. “I could have walked in and let the venue do everything and it would have been lovely and nice, but I wanted it to truly reflect who we are as a couple, so I’m glad I add those extra touches.”

Some Favorite Details

Her favorite details from her wedding were her fun cake toppers and the choice to rent a trailer bathroom (one of the less glamorous details of wedding planning, but albeit important). Logan laughs about one detail she could have done without: “My dad did not have much to do with the wedding, but he was so insistent that there be disposable cameras on every table. So we spent $250 on disposable cameras.” Logan went on to tell me how everyone was taking pictures on their phones instead, or forgot to turn on the flash on the disposable cameras. When they got the pictures developed after the wedding, they were all dark. But, Logan was happy to make her dad happy.

Find a Photographer You Love

The main detail Logan wishes she had chosen differently was her photographer. She says she did not do much research on her photographer’s style or portfolio because her pricing was so affordable. She jumped into booking the photographer, and felt that their styles and expectations did not match. If she had it to do over, she would have been more thorough in her photographer research and would have expanded her budget to hire a photographer who she felt was more her style.

Wedding Planning Advice

Other reflections Logan makes about her feelings about wedding planning include feeling like a lot of the choices she made about the details of her wedding were things that she felt like she had to have. She claims that she wasn’t the most “bridey-bride,” and that she felt a little rushed in her decision making. Logan’s advice to future brides is to “slow down and sit on your decisions for a bit. Do your research, and choose what you want, not just what you think you’re supposed to have on your wedding day.”

How did you know it was time to get married?

“I knew that I wanted to be with Andrew forever, and I agonized a lot over that question. A lot of people thought we were too young, but I was really ready to start my life with him, and for us, that meant getting married. I think for him, it was really important to stick to traditional, conventional ways of ‘we’ve been together this long, we know we want to spend forever together, and this is the next step.’” Logan continued on to share that the other question she had about marriage was how it would affect their relationship. She feels that this is a topic that should be talked more about, because transitions from friendship to dating can be difficult to navigate, but what about marriage? Logan was worried that going from dating to engaged to married would ruin their relationship. It didn’t, “our relationship only grew, but I wish people would talk about it,” she says.

What is your best piece of marriage advice?

“Marry someone who you are friends with, who you can be with on a long car trip who doesn’t drive you crazy, marry someone who makes you laugh.”

Spirituality and 

“I think it’s not a coincidence that Andrew and I had similar last names and sat next to each other in every class in high school. I think having him in my life and the way that we found each other really strengthened my faith in God. There is no way that that was a coincidence. It just all came together beautifully.”

Vendor Credits:

Floral Design: Dellwood Plantation

Photographer: Cathy Williams

Venue: Dellwood Plantation

Caterer: by the Venue

DJ/Band/MC: DJ Fish

Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo

Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse

Custom Cuff Links: Cufflinks

Wedding Cake: Baker’s Kitchen

Cake Toppers: The Pink Koala 

Wedding Tree Guestbook: Lovliday

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