Wedding Place Card Ideas and Organization Tips

I love little personal details at a wedding, and wedding guests do, too! One of the first things guests wonder as they enter your reception area is, “where will I sit?” Having a seating chart positioned right as they enter the venue provides guests with an answer, as well as showing off your unique style! In this post, I have rounded up a few ideas that I love for wedding place cards and seating charts. I also share my tips for keeping them organized if you are tackling seating charts and place cards on your own!

Elegant and Folded

Custom watercolor design wedding place card April Lynn Designs Ashley Gerrity Photography

For a timeless look that’s straight forward in construction, single folded place cards with a unique design and beautiful script fit the bill!

{Place card and menu designed by April Lynn Designs; Photo courtesy of Ashley Gerrity Photography}

Unique Stand or Ornament

Looking for something a bit more unique? There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for unique ideas to hold your place cards. Placed in a custom stand or tied with a beautiful ribbon to a meaningful ornament, they are more than just name tags, but true accents to the decor! I love these simple, yet individualized place cards that mimic the National Park entrance signs!

Wedding place card national park sign stand Mariah Gentry Photography
{Photo courtesy of Mariah Gentry Photography}

Seating Chart Board

Instead of having your guests pick up their place cards, you might instead have a seating chart board and leave the place cards already at their tables. Guests can look on the board to see where they are seated, then head to the table (or bar) and get the party started! Check out these ideas for a seating chart display on Pinterest.


  1. If you are making the place cards yourself, you can start working on it as soon as you have finalized your list of who you are inviting. Then, you can toss any "no" RSVPs. This will help you to have them done early, instead of trying to finish them all in the last few weeks before your wedding.

  2. Alphabetize all placecards ahead so they can be quickly set-up and guests can easily find their names. Have as much of the assembly of stands done ahead, as well, so everythng can be laid out neatly and efficiently!

  3. Think about transport so they don't get out of order or disassembled on the way to your wedding. One idea: use a rectangular foam board and stick the place cards into them so they don't move around!

Whatever you choose to use for your seating chart display and place cards, they are sure to be beautiful and show off your wedding style!

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