Photo courtesy of  TLM Productions

Photo courtesy of TLM Productions

I’m Keara, and I love helping brides and grooms to-be in their planning and execution of wedding details so that their beautiful love story and new union into marriage are highlighted and celebrated. I know that the final stages of wedding planning can quickly become overwhelming as your wedding date is looming near. I specialize in taking this overwhelm away from you by guiding you through the last months of your planning process and executing your wedding vision for you.

Before becoming a wedding coordinator, I became a wife, then a teacher, and then a mother. I am currently serving two of these roles on a daily basis, but have given up my classroom for the time being. My skills learned in the classroom serve me well as a wedding coordinator: strong organizational skills, teaching others, and always being prepared to handle surprises with calmness, grace, and a sense of joy! My experiences of my own wedding and of the beauty that has resulted through my own marriage (namely love, life, and joy, even when there are trials), have created a desire in me to walk with others as they prepare for this magnificent vocation.